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Ecole Kenwood Elementary School

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01 Project Overview
The new Ecole Kenwood Elementary School allows students to explore language through a variety of learning styles.

This replacement school is located on the same urban site as the previous school. A main street-like flex studio serves as the organizing spine of each of the building’s academic neighborhoods, supporting individual exploration, group work and presentations. The design meets the challenges of the constricted site while fully supporting the school’s pre-kindergarten through sixth grade French language immersion program with custom signage, teacher-selected quote walls and built-in displays.


Elementary Schools


Columbus City Schools


Columbus, OH


66,604 New SF


Support a French-immersion curriculum

Design replacement school on existing school site

03 Services & Recognition

Fanning Howey designed a building that is more than a 21st century learning environment.
It projects an image that engages the community to continue to support our program for the upgrading and replacement of more of our facilities.

Warren Hubbard, Project Manager
Columbus City Schools
Columbus, OH
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Interior Design



Awards & Recognition

2017 Award of Excellence Award
Ohio Masonry Association

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