PK-12 Schools

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01 Our Approach
Fanning Howey design PK-12 schools to appropriately separate younger students from older students, while also maximizing the sense of community that is inherent in a consolidated campus.

Students at different age levels have very different academic and social needs. For example, Middle school students are beginning to seek independence but still require security and structure, while high school students are preparing for the worlds of higher education and the workforce. The challenge is to efficiently use common facilities while maintaining the necessary separation of educational programs.

As a leader in PK-12 School planning and design, Fanning Howey works with clients to create buildings that meet the needs of all students and community members.

03 Services & Capabilities
As an integrated design firm, Fanning Howey creates facilities where innovative solutions drive performance and achievement. Our architects, interior designers and engineers collaborate in the shared pursuit of better environments for learning.

Fanning Howey’s highly-collaborative design teams allow clients to accomplish the most complex projects imaginable. From $100 million campus renovations to new Zero Energy-ready campuses, we use our expertise to improve the lives of students, teachers and all life-long learners.

We are leaders in
  • Architecture
  • MEP Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Technology Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Master Planning
  • Educational Visioning