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Bethany School

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01 Project Overview

The new Bethany School campus uses Zero Energy, biophilia and natural play design strategies to give students a personalized and healthy learning environment.

The design replaces multiple buildings on the Bethany School campus with new project-based learning environments. Natural light, natural materials and biophilic constructs and images create a healthier education center. The site design also encourages healthy learning with one of the largest playscape playgrounds in the Midwest.

Zero Energy design strategies are at the core of the client’s approach to sustainability. The campus is designed to use 25 percent less energy per square foot than the average vacant building. Solar panels create a carbon-neutral facility.


Bethany School


Cincinnati, Ohio


58,000 New SF


Design a Net Zero campus

03 Services & Recognition

The emersionDesign / Fanning Howey team clearly takes sustainability seriously and has done an excellent job in guiding us through a process of learning about the various options available to us that are in keeping with our mission, our desire for energy efficiency, and our need to keep it financially practical

David Gould, Former Head of School