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Hayes High School STEM Atrium

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01 Project Overview
Renovations to Hayes High School have provided students with a vibrant new STEM atrium for personalized learning.

The renovations turned a 20th century space into an innovative, next generation learning environment supported by integrated technology. Students can now collaborate and develop future-ready skills in a dynamic, transparent new atrium. Part living room and part research commons, the atrium creates a comfortable environment for students to study and socialize. An elevated platform with presentation monitors makes for a Ted Talk-like presentation space.


High Schools, College & Career Prep


Delaware City Schools


Delaware, OH


25,000 New SF
67,915 Renovated SF


Turn a 20th century space into a Next Generation learning environment for STEM

03 Services & Recognition

Our goal with the design of the STEM atrium was to create a learning environment that is as diverse as the students who call it home.

John Faulkner Gladden, AIA
Educational Designer
Fanning Howey
Services Provided


Interior Design