As a global community, we are in this together in the fight against COVID-19.


Fanning Howey is supporting our K-12 school and university clients with thoughtful design as they rise to the challenge of providing safe and secure learning environments.

Fanning Howey architects, interior designers and engineers are continuing our important work on projects in progress, even as we anticipate a return to a new normal. We are actively searching for ways to make learning environments safer, cleaner and easier to maintain. Our designers are also implementing high-tech tools to collaborate with clients like never before.


Every day, we uncover new ways to design, to work and to support our clients as they face COVID-19.

  • Using ESSER III Funds to Create Thriving Educational Communities

    Recommendations for how school districts can utilize American Rescue Act funds for specific facility improvements.

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  • Maintaining School HVAC Systems to Address COVID-19

    What schools and universities should do with their heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems to be proactive regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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  • How To Work With A Remote Design Team

    Learn how owners and designers can maintain consistency, rapport and productivity when working remotely on building designs.

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  • The Future of Learning Environments

    Fanning Howey design leaders discuss the seven trends that will shape learning environments in the “new normal” of COVID-19.

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To protect the health of our employees, all Fanning Howey team members are currently working in a hybrid model. Yet our work continues unabated.

Cloud-based tools allow our staff to collaborate no matter where they are working. We use video conferencing software to host everything from design review meetings to bid openings when in-person sessions are not practical or recommended. We are following all guidance from government officials in Indiana and Ohio, and we will continue to implement smarter ways to work – whether at home or in the office.