Smart Schools Roundtable: May Session Ohio


For the May session of Fanning Howey’s Smart Schools Roundtable, we heard from two separate speakers for Indiana and Ohio. For Ohio, education consultant Paul Pendleton spoke about the future of Ohio schools in a post-pandemic world.


Take this Moment to Learn and Grow

As we wrap up the school year, it is time to plan for the future of education in Ohio. We are turning the corner on reactionary planning due to the pandemic and can proactively plan district goals. Paul emphasized the following points to address when planning for your school’s future:

  • Ask critical questions
  • Focus on the future (Get involved in a Dream Team)
  • Have a vision for education
  • Always know the WHY/PURPOSE
  • Understand organizations
  • Assess the frames of your organization
  • Innovate, Innovate, Innovate

By taking this time to ask and answer the tough questions, district leaders can move Ohio education to the next level and beyond.