New Hire Q&A: Keegan Ross, EIT, Mechanical Designer

By Zac Sprunger

Keegan Ross, EIT, recently joined Fanning Howey as a mechanical designer. He answers a few questions about the background and perspective he brings to his job.

What is your role at Fanning Howey?
I’m a mechanical designer for HVAC systems, and I’m an Engineer in Training.

What is your previous work experience and/or area of expertise?
My first job after graduating was in MEP consulting, where I stayed for more than five years. I specialized in HVAC design and worked on a variety of projects including medical facilities, office buildings and mixed use buildings. I then moved out of the industry, working for over a year and a half at a company that did electro-mechanical component design for Department of Defense contracts.

Describe what excites you about designing learning environments.
Most of the work I’ve done in my previous roles was either for the government or commercial applications. Unfortunately, that means I haven’t had many opportunities to see the direct impact my work has on individuals. My mother, sister and brother were/are all educators, so I understand the importance of having a good learning environment for students. My family’s experience gives me a great perspective to understand how much an impact the development of a positive learning environment has on the students as well as society. Being in a position to provide that service and see the effect it has is what I am most looking forward to.

What personal passions or perspectives do you bring to your work?
I’ve been around athletics and education my entire life, either through my own experiences or through my families. Athletics has given me perspective on how to work in a team setting, how to set goals, what’s necessary to meet those goals, and how to challenge myself in order to become better. My family’s experience in education gives me to the perspective to identify just how important the work we complete is. These two perspectives give me the insight and drive to become the best possible employee and designer, which in turn, will allow my work to impact others in the most positive manner possible.

Describe your work work style.
Flexible, adaptable, team player is how I would best describe my work style. In my previous two positions, I’ve been exposed to fast and slow paced environments; I’ve worked on a single project at a time, and also worked on upwards of 10 at a time; I’ve worked independently, and I’ve worked on a team. Whatever the role calls for, I’m able to adapt.